Silk Road wins a Grammy!
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Music for "The Vietnam War"
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Mark Morris and Silk Road Ensemble bring "Layla and Majnun" to New York
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@realDonaldTrump Firing someone 2 days before their retirement - you wouldn't know class or honor if they hit you in the face.
RT @newsounds: New Sounds Show: music that blends jazz and/or traditional music of Japan, from the likes of flutist Nicole Mitchel… https://t.co/DrMB7cuBrx
RT @Brooklyn_Rider: Back in the studio for a SUPER SECRET NEW COLLABORATION!! 🤫 JK, it’s with the fabulous @magosherrera💃🏻🎉💃🏻 Excited… https://t.co/zZfFJ4eWKJ
Can't wait for this show! https://t.co/x9FH5KRRIf
RT @BreeNewsome: Describing Betsy DeVos as incompetent misses the larger reality that her purpose is to undo the civil rights moveme… https://t.co/rpWvApjXRf