Silk Road Ensemble and MMDG announce a new collaboration
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Performing at the Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland
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Silk Road Ensemble at TED
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RT @Toure: After getting extraordinary health care, John McCain courageously returns to the Senate to help the GOP take health care away from millions.
RT @StephenAtHome: RIP Republican Health Care Bill. In lieu of flowers, please send new representatives to Congress in 2018.
RT @Brooklyn_Rider: First question when we arrived at Mangy Moose Saloon today "Y'all European or a band?" - we'll let audience decideā€¦ https://t.co/UhbW2RQlvG
@alxgrnbm @TheKnightsNYC @AlexSopp @juddgreenstein Listening! Sounds Great!