Silk Road Ensemble and MMDG announce a new collaboration
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Performing at the Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland
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Silk Road Ensemble at TED
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RT @StephenAtHome: Crooked H is like Preparation H, but you use it after H is gone because it distracts from how big a D you are. https://t.co/oImFgVfCyo
RT @ProducerMcD: Massive protests at tonight's Shakespeare in the Park. https://t.co/1TdMHcDJe2
RT @ACLU: The ACLU will not be scaling back https://t.co/K9MpLo0NQH
RT @TheDweck: Every pothead Jeff Sessions wants to throw in jail has a better memory than Jeff Sessions
RT @brianklaas: Days to hit a 60% disapproval rating: Carter: Never Reagan: Never H.W. Bush: Never Clinton: Never W. Bush: 1, 756 Obama: Never Trump: 144