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Silk Road Ensemble and MMDG announce a new collaboration
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Performing at the Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland
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Silk Road Ensemble at TED
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RT @MarkMorrisDance: After a whirlwind week, we're wrapping up #LaylaandMajnun rehearsals with @silkroadproject and @AlimQasimov_ today!… https://t.co/ITgcTKOrbN
RT @MeanyCenter: .@MarkMorrisDance’s #LaylaAndMajnun is a @seattletimes’ Fall Arts Guide #EditorsPick: https://t.co/DObHhnl81U https://t.co/q0gTwTmj6y
RT @MarkMorrisDance: #LaylaandMajnun rehearsals are in full swing at the Dance Center. Take a peek inside the studio. https://t.co/Gh9R3f4JP1
RT @AudraEqualityMc: Donald Drumpf:"Columbus started the world is round controversy in 1492. I finished it. The world is round. Period." https://t.co/O46rgLK5q1
RT @nytimesarts: Classical music this fall: a more mature season from two reshuffled string quartets https://t.co/NoCAK4LJBx https://t.co/rIRWJ4gc98
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